Upkeep of a newborn. Pose "embryo"

NewbornScarce yet remembers as he felt secure in my mom's belly. That is why this situation is very similar him.With one mitt, grasp the feet and palms child, the other - keep a head and tilt it to his chest. At the present time slowly rock it. If a newborn is naughty, do this exercise with him. It quickly calm the cry-child.  Photo 3 Feet  Similar posts:Child service. Child SafetyChildCare of a newborn. Читать полностью -->

When to input solid foods?

NewbornMost of a debate concerns a timing of weaning. About experts hold traditional views approximately the need for early introduction of complementary foods - not later than 4 months. Others argue that it is not necessary to force the introduction to a new kind of fresh food, so it may cause serious lustiness problems.Numerous studies of breast natural milk show that by 4-5 months of your in a natural milk starts to decrease a amount of nutrients, while the wants of the growing organism increases. On this basis, pediatricians recommend no later than the 4th 30 days to enter into the food of various types of baby juices, which in themselves are not a lure, but help a aging body to prepare to have a more serious food. Still hasten to lure highly dangerous, and reasonable reasons for that.If a nursing mom is completely healthy, a sufficient quantity of milk, the doctors confirmed that a baby is physically and mentally expand normally until at least 6 weeks baby does not request a addition to breast milk. Specifically fast on timing explore new food must be treated in a event that the crumbs are prone to allergies. Читать полностью -->

Mums. 1 Do prophylaxis?

BabyIf someone got sick at home or you are with a newborn in a public put, it is perfect to be safe. Drip into the child's nose interferon-based medicine or saline. You have started a cold-blooded? When breastfed baby has protective antibodies with the mom. And yet, strive a any days when communicating with a baby to apply a gauze bandage. And, of course, treat a illness!  Leaving of a child. Alike posts:Leaving of a baby. Читать полностью -->

Baby. Frequent feedings help to improve lactation

ChildFeed the newborn in close contact. Touch each other facial skin, see the baby's skin eyes. A tenderness and love that you possess for a child will help you to restore a rightly capacity of natural milk. Put a newborn to a fresh how often as possible - because want creates supply!Monitor for proper newborn takes a warm. Keep it up so that it touches the chest chin. A lower lip child should be slightly twisted outward and over the top - see part of a areola.  Similar posts:Moms. Читать полностью -->

Newborn care. 25. Father must be able to take service of the child

NewbornHe want do that however good, like my mum. Currently, more and more men are involved in a attention of infants. But while fathers often feel invited assistants rather than full participants. Moms are not ever willing to share with them the right to make decisions as a child to feed, clothe, put them to bed.A criterion of "right" paternity may yet be considered a man's ability to set up special, warm, distinct from gerls's relationships with your infants. It's great when daddy is changing diapers and feeding child with a spoonful. But if science and care about him remained a mystery, that is no reason to consider it "wrong".   Newborn. Читать полностью -->

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